AS Toast 🍞

Simple and customizable toast notifications for Svelte

Intended as a replacement for alert(), though in a non-blocking fashion.



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Initial Setup

Install the package using npm (or your favorite package manager):

npm i -D as-toast

To show the toasts, import and place the <Toasts /> component inside your src/routes/__layout.svelte for SvelteKit or src/pages/_layout.svelte for Routify, like this:

	import { Toasts } from 'as-toast';

<slot />

<Toasts />

This is used to display the toasts, so it needs to be rendered wherever you want your toasts visible.

Add Toasts

To create or add a toast import the addToast function from "as-toast" and call it with a message or any HTML.

import { addToast } from 'as-toast';

addToast("Just a simple 'info' toast", 'info');

Set the toast type with the second parameter. Currently, there is only two types: ‘info’ and ‘warn’. By default, toasts will be of type ‘info’.

addToast("Just a simple 'info' toast", 'info');

addToast("Just a simple 'warn' toast", 'warn');

Set the amount of time in milliseconds the toast will be displayed by setting the third parameter. By default, toasts will be displayed for 5000 milliseconds.

addToast('This toast will display for about 11,574 days.', undefined, 9001);

Customizing with CSS Custom Properties

The default toast item component can be replaced, but is also highly configurable using CSS Custom Properties. Overwrite the defaults, either by setting CSS Custom Properties in a global scope like this:

:root {
	--as-toast-border-radius: 0; /* gives toasts square shape */

Or you can use –style-props sugar:

<Toasts --as-toast-border-radius="999px" />
<!-- gives toasts pill shape -->

Full list of CSS Custom Properties with defaults

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/* Toasts Wrapper */
--as-toast-bottom: 1em; /* Distance from bottom of screen */

/* Toast */
--as-toast-font-family: inherit
--as-toast-font-weight: 400
--as-toast-font-size: 1em
--as-toast-padding: 1em;
--as-toast-margin-top: 1em
--as-toast-min-width: 300px
--as-toast-max-width: calc(100vw - 2em)
--as-toast-border: 1px solid black;
--as-toast-border-radius: 0.5em;
--as-toast-color: black;
--as-toast-backdrop-filter: none;
--as-toast-shadow:  0 0.3px 1.4px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.068),
                    0 0.7px 3.5px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.098),
                    0 1.4px 7.1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.122),
                    0 2.9px 14.6px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.152),
                    0 8px 40px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.22);

/* Inline Toast Cancel Button */
--as-toast-btn-border-radius: 999999999px;
--as-toast-btn-padding: 0.45em;
--as-toast-btn-border: 1px solid black;
-as-toast-btn-background: white;

/* Type: 'info'*/
--as-toast-info-color: var(--as-toast-color, black);
--as-toast-info-border-color: #2786cb;
--as-toast-info-background: #abd2ef;

/* Type: 'warn'*/
--as-toast-warn-color: var(--as-toast-color, black);
--as-toast-warn-border-color: #c92626;
--as-toast-warn-background: #efa9a9;

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Customizing by replacing default components

The default toast item and cancel icon components can be replaced. Pass in your custom components to the <Toasts /> component.

<Toasts {toastComponent} {cancelIcon} />

To create custom toast item or cancel icon components, refer to the original components’ source code:

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